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Romney’s trip to Europe and Israel was framed as an opportunity to bolster his foreign policy credentials, but it doesn’t seem to have started well. In London, Romney’s first visit was Tony Blair, a former has-been, and instead of talking policy, they talked about the Olympics and the…. weather.

Earlier Thursday morning, Romney sat down with Blair, but the public aspect of their meeting didn’t reveal much. The two leaders made small talk about the Olympics and the weather during the few minutes reporters were allowed to observe the meeting.

“Any favorite sporting events you look forward to attending, or not really?” Romney asked Blair, as reporters observed the men at Blair’s office in Westminster.

“The British have now become very focused on cycling,” Blair replied. “So there will be a lot of interest in that.”

Romney ignored a question from his traveling press corps about what “message” he aimed to send back to voters in the United States with his meetings here. But aides have described the trip as a “listen and learn” expedition—one aimed at boosting Romney’s foreign policy credentials with voters back home.

Can someone tell me how cycling, dressage and the weather will boost his foreign policy credentials?